• Initiating Water Ambassadors in the Student Councils of schools to encourage water mindfulness and willingness towards water conservation
  • Organising community development programs on optimizing usage of water and water conservation
  • Taking celebrity engagement and oaths – to propagate the mission further
  • Highlighting the areas heavily affected with water scarcity through online media
  • Collaborating with global organizations to join the mission of making clean water accessible to all


  • Developing content consumable in schools
    • Water Warrior comic books.
    • Games, Quizes and Experiments.


  • STATE OF WATER REPORTS: State-wise reports to understand and explore the risks and dynamics of water supply in different states as well as the status all major Indian rivers
  • Primary level surveys of water quality using volunteers and ranking cities and areas by conducting water audits, monitored through a Mobile App
  • The Water Stress report for the state of Gujarat was completed in the month of April.


  • The InnoBlu Incubator will support innovations and startups in the domain of water.
  • A Water Innovation Fund will be set up to promote local startups and students from major Indian Universities to promote innovations in the following areas:
    • Cleaning -
      • Safe and clean technology for drinking water
      • Quality management of urban and rural drinking water
      • Design and implementation of smart water grids
      • Information and communication technologies for water management and drinking water supply
      • Effects of ecosystem on water quality
      • Total water pollution load management
      • River quality management, sea water desalination
    • Recycling-
      • Water recycling and reuse technologies
      • Energy production from water and wastewater cycles
      • Nutrient recovery from wastewater
    • Reducing-
      • Urban water efficiency
      • Agricultural water efficiency
      • Industrial water efficiency
      • Energy efficiency in water and wastewater systems
  • An international contest on water solutions based on the aforementioned divisions will be conducted annually in conjunction with major national and global organisations working for the cause of water.
  • Additionally, volunteers, students and startups will be engaged and encouraged to engage to take up social challenges related to water in their locality and devise a frugal, scalable and innovative solution to solve the challenge.


National InnoBlu Awards

  • The InnoBlu Awards will showcase and reward the solutions that address the imminent water problems that the world is facing today, and especially the drinking water crisis.
  • Eligibility: Anyone (as an individual or on behalf of an organisation) who is interested in water or would like to propose creative/applicable solutions is welcome to participate.
  • How to Apply: Applications will be submitted online via given website.
  • The participants would get the opportunity to pitch their ideas to a panel of investors, venture capitalists, and notable names from the industry and government.
  • Outstanding innovations will be highlighted to Kalam Centre’s 4 million strong online community.
  • Cases will be considered for crowd-funding, which will be curated through the website www.RightToWater.in .
  • We aim to collaborate with global organizations to join the mission of making clean water accessible to all.

Key Action Areas: -