Keto is a fictional superhero, a M‚Äčega Water Warrior who possesses the magical powers of cleaning and recycling water. He has an army of Water Warriors who help him fight against contamination, pollution and other water related problems.

Greedo is the vicious villain of the story who infects the minds of the people of the town, making them act in ways that are unfriendly to the environment.

Lala is the town industrialist who gets infected by Greedo's vicious rays and dumps untreated industrial waste into water bodies.

Sonu is the Water Ambassador of his school. He keeps track of all water related issues and spreads awareness to stop wastage and careless use.

Preeti is a Science lover and the topper of her class. She has her own science lab where she runs experiments to clean and recycle contaminated water.

Riyaz is the friendly kid who lives in the same neighbourhood as Sonu and Preeti. His amiability and convincing abilities come in handy for the Water Warriors team in furthering the cause of water efficiency and water security!

water games

To facilitate the public outreach and extension activities, Kalam Centre has begun developing content consumable in schools. These include the Keto and Water Warriors comic book series, board games, and Water Facts cue-cards. The idea behind this initiative is to encourage mindfulness and willingness towards conserving water and creating a livable planet earth.